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Matilda McNair

Flying Matilda

Filmed for
This Is Guavo Media
March 2013

Matilda is an 18 year old model and bright young student from London, UK - currently studying Theatre and Acting at the famous 'Brit School of Performing Arts'. At the age of 11, she discovered a talent that she has kept hidden from the world... until now! 

"I've never met or seen anyone else who does this trick, but for me it is just flicking my legs back and then gathering speed. I can even reach high speeds of upto 40mph when flying down hills, but mostly I like just cruising in the breeze!" 

Beyond the trick and the story behind how she discovered it, Matilda represents the innate desire we all have to find something we can stand out for and be recognized as being truly unique and individual with. She also represents the need for child-like fun, freedom and adventure that we should all embrace in our own lives - be it on a bike, or in the comforts of our own environments wherever that may be!

There is also a nostalgic undertone as Matilda recollects fondly the moment her parents encouraged her to ride a bicycle for the very first time when she was younger. A common first time experience for most of us when we learn how easy something can be if we persevere with confidence and determination. And despite any levels of reservation we may have had at the thought of first attempting it. 

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